18 Feb 2020

All Technologies Must Be In The Race To Lower Emissions

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COAL21, the Australian coal industry’s low emission technology fund, is encouraged by the Australian Government’s focus on collaborative investment in research, development and deployment of technologies to deliver practical action on emissions reduction as outlined by the Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction today.

COAL21 CEO Mark McCallum said he was very pleased to hear that carbon capture and storage and hydrogen have been identified as areas in which the government expects to see investment.

“Experts agree that Paris Agreement targets cannot be met without low emissions technologies, including carbon capture and storage,” he said.

“All available and proven technologies must be at the forefront of measures to reduce and remove carbon dioxide from large-scale emissions processes such as power generation and cement, iron ore and steel manufacturing.”

Mr McCallum said he was heartened to hear the Minister talk about technology leadership and Australia’s record of innovation as central to meeting and beating climate change targets.

“COAL21 has been leading the industry globally in investing in low emissions technologies for more than a decade and focused on developing and deploying technologies that can significantly reduce emissions and support the transition to a low emission global economy.

“Australia was the first country in the world to prove carbon capture technology on coal-fired power stations at Callide in Queensland, and that has now been adapted in the US and Canada.

“Our current projects include Australia’s first carbon hub in Queensland and the Carbon Transport and Storage Company CCUS project.

“We are also working towards clean hydrogen production and the Allam Cycle – a near-zero emission power generation technology for coal.

“We have an opportunity to build on Australian successes such as Callide and Gorgon and show leadership on low emissions technologies.

“Practical, low emissions technology like CCS allow Australia to build on its competitive advantages, reduce emissions from existing industries and enable industries of the future such as hydrogen.”

Mr McCallum said these real, tangible projects with tangible investments and outcomes would make a significant difference to emissions reduction efforts in Australia and overseas.

COAL21 will continue to partner with government and industry locally and internationally to develop these projects and looks forward to participating in the technology roadmap consultation process.


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